Testing Some lenses.

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Testing Some lenses.

Found myself with an unexpected day off and a great looking rose from the garden so i decided to set up a little test to see how sharp (or not) some of my lenses are, some interesting results, or at least I thought so anyway.  I haven't processed these except to bump the brightness on a few to make them even, the sun was dipping in and out behind cloud so the exposure wasn't consistent.
First up my two old manual lenses with manual apertures and focus 135mm and 50mm @ f1/2.8, none of my other lenses can get this wide open.  The 50 can go wider and is probably sharper than the 135 with both wide open, here there's no contest.

50mm @ f2.8

135mm @ f2.8

I was surprised how much of a difference there was here.  Colours much more washed out contrast very different between the lenses.

Next up, more commonly used apertures, F5.6 for all of my lenses:

Pentax 18-55 WR @ 5.6

50mm Manual Lens @5.6

135mm @5.6

And finally (well i'm not boring you with the several dozen pictures I took, just the highlights) f1/16 which is as slow as the 135 gets.

18-55 WR @ f16

50mm @ f16

135mm @ f16

Oddly the 135mm seems to get worse contrast as the sharpness increases, the details are not great.  It is basically obsolete now I have the Sigma 120-400, (which isn't in this test as I don't have a tripod capable of holding it, and my hand held shots were too shakey for fair comparison.)
For my money the old 50mm wins against the 18-55 there's just a little more detail in the images, but its a pretty close call, I was expecting the old 50 to really struggle.  Could just be observer bias, i think i much prefer the framing of those shots.  Let me know what you think and if this was remotely interesting to you?

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