What one thing will motivate you to buy a new camera?

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Minimal/zero investment to remain in APS-C sub-top

I "upgraded" from a K-5 to a K-5 IIs because the upgrade cost worked out to a minimal investment which would result in reasonable cost of ownership to remain with a current sub-top camera in its class across a longer period of time.

I waited for the sweet spot in between an new model (the K-3) having been released and the previous top-of-the-line's price dropping to a point I believed would not be far from its production cost vs. minimal profit for the manufacturer.

I count about 30 months between body upgrades and have done for the past 10 years or so.

The K-3 would have set me back €1300 at the time I upgraded. The K-5 IIs was €729 after a €100 Pentax cashback and I managed to sell off the K-5 at €400.

In 30 months time, the value of the K-5 would have bottomed out at perhaps €100 (or be unsellable entirely). Having bought it for some €720 as well, that would have worked out to a CoO of €120/year, give or take.

I now spent €720 for the initial K-5 purchase, sold it off for €400 and bought the K-5 IIs for €720  but have the benefit of staying current for another 30 months and the potential to sell the K-5 IIs in 30 months time for a similar €400. That works out to a CoO of ca. €110 (slightly less even than option 1) over the full 60 months with a sub-top body for most of that time. (used the K-5 when the K-5 IIs came out, use the K-5 IIs when the K-3 came out, will use the K-3 when .....)

My only risk is that the K-5 IIs will sell for less than €400 but I left some leeway in there - even at €250 on eBay I still come out on top.

It makes sense to wait for a few firmware upgrades on a new model to iron the wrinkles out as well as give the hardware production a chance to stabilize (no sensor stains, mirror flop etc.), that's another benefit.

Did I see benefit from wat some would call a "silly upgrade"? Oh, definitely! I get better AF speeds, AA filterless sensor, better AF accuracy under tungsten lighting and a lot sharper images.

The fun part is that this upgrade actually has worked out (or will do so) to cost me...NOTHING at all!

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