Crop sensor vs Full Frame for Wildlife/Birds

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Crop sensor vs Full Frame for Wildlife/Birds

So this morning I went out and shot some (a LOT of) images of a red tailed hawk in a field. I used my A77II and 70-400G2 and took many.

Later in the afternoon I went back with my A99 and the same 70-400G2. I shot several (many many) pictures of the same hawk, some using APSC mode and some with the full frame coverage.

I found, now that I'm at home and looking at the RAW files in lightroom, that there isn't actually much difference in image quality, despite the crop factor. The A99 in crop mode looks just as good to me as the pictures out of the A77II.

Another issue is that I noticed that the edges of the bird (fine details) appear almost blurry with the A77II and the seem sharper with the A99. Not every picture, but I noticed it on many of the photos taken with the A77II and none with the A99. Any ideas?

Attached are my best hawk in flight pictures with each camera.

Please keep in mind there was a difference of about 4-5 hours between the pictures.


A77ii full size

A99 in crop mode:

thoughts? do i need to keep the A77II? I don't find the AF lacking at all in the A99.

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