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I there I recently sent some images to be printed and they came back quite green and when I checked my settings they were not on S-RGB so changed them but they still appear green on my monitor but not in Photoshop. Can you help?

I downloaded the image and opened it in Photoshop CS6. There was a lot of green in the shadows on the face. The charcoal kniting looked little off as well. RGB numbers indicated green was strong all over.

Go back to the RAW and change the WB by increasing magenta. When you do that, the white knit eye will look purple in the shadow, so something odd is going on.

What was the lighting like? Was it mixed incandescent and fluorescent?

Does your printer require sRGB? It is a rather narrow color space.

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I downloaded the image also and opened it in PhotoShop CC 2014.

Assigned sRGB profile: image is the greenish color

Assigned Adobe RGB profile: Less green

Assigned ProPhoto RGB: not green, much more reddish

Correct, (see my post below), the OP had the image as a proRGB or some other really wide gamut color space and then -assigned- sRGB rather than -converting- it to sRGB. If you assign proRGB to the original and then convert it to sRGB, it starts to look normal again.

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