Are my images Green?

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You applied color space instead of converting.

OK I see what you are doing. I downloaded the original and opened in PS. It's tagged as sRGB and looks green and washed out. I "applied" (not converted) the proGB color space and the image looks like the preview/correct. I'm not sure what workflow you are using but you have to CONVERT to a profile, not assign them.

I uploaded the "fixed" file after I assigned proRGB and then -converted- back to sRGB. You will see now the click through original looks fine. (I downsampled it to save upload time).

Fixed-Not my image

And honestly, unless you really understand color space (and know why you really need a wider color space for a particular image), you're probably better off capturing and working in sRGB. Wider <> "better". For most images, even when used correctly, the difference is pretty subtle but the problems caused by incorrect color space use is not, as you have found out.

I understand color space but I still work in sRGB most of the time as that is what most of my images will end up in anyway. If it's a "special" images, I can always pull a aRGB etc. out of the RAW file to edit for printing on a wide gamut printer.

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