Olympus USA repairs - quality service or bunk?

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Re: Olympus USA repairs - quality service or bunk?

I had to send in an OMD E-M1 a few weeks ago. The rear control dial was skipping badly -- unfortunately something that a few other people have experineced.

I am on the west coast and the sole USA Olympus facility is on the east coast. So, I sent it by UPS ground and it took a week to get there. It took two or three days to show up in their online tracking system, then it went in for repair a couple of days later and repair was finished within a day. Then they shipped it back by ground, which took about a week.

So, a week shipping to get there, a week at the Olympus facility, and a week to get back.

The camera appeared to be in good condition and rear control dial now works fine. The invoice said that they also cleaned the sensor and updated the firmware.

Personally, I was pleased with the service I received. If you want, you can search on the "rear control dial" problem in this forum and see some other reports on getting the problem serviced. Apparently not everybody has a good experience; I can only attest to my own experience, and I can't fault them for anything.

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