a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

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Re: a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

JonTafferOfPhotography wrote:

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JonTafferOfPhotography wrote:

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Rishi Sanyal wrote:

There's also a dynamic range benefit at higher ISOs. At base ISO, however, there's a dynamic range cost compared to the A7R.

This is devastating news to me. I am truly saddened to see this confirmed and thankful at the same time for the work you have put into it. I love everything about the A7S, but for practical issues on the job (for me at least) the A7 and A7R seem like the reigning champions, as I value low ISO DR above much else.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

if you "value low ISO DR above much else", the a7s is obviously not a camera you should be concerned with. doesn't the S in a7S indicate that? no reason to be devastated. that's like claiming to be devastated that the a7r is not medium format, lol.

The "S" never needed to indicate that. Sony flat out said it in their marketing of the A7S. Your analogy is not very well thought out.

Still, I like the camera and it works great. DR at low ISO is on par with the others if we start at ISO400 which I consider low still. Base ISO still belongs to the A7 and A7R.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

do you know what the "S" stands for?

"Sensitivity", I think that is what I read. What does that have to do with manufacturers claimed specs?

also the low lSO DR is not bad by any means, it even smokes a nikon d3x for one 1/4 of the MSRP.

I didn't say that it was bad. Did you hear that elsewhere? Please do not try to create straw man arguments just to have something to argue about. All I have ever said was disappointing here was the performance vs the manufacturer claimed specs, not the performance vs any other camera.

it is a trade off, for the best high ISO ever seen outside of some DARPA lab.

I like Sony and own 2 of the A7 series cameras including the A7S, but I have to say that you are missing the entire point of what I am saying and are coming off more like a fan boy who claims infallibility of a company at any slight and reasonable criticism. The fact that the camera has great high ISO performance, even the best ever seen, still has nothing to do with the claimed specs being incorrect by a very healthy margin with regards to DR.

everything has trade offs, and it's best not to put all your hopes and belief into OEM marketing.

Lesson learned. Never read specs or rely on them. I was thinking of buying an RX1, but since I can not remove the lens and measure the sensor, how should I really believe it has a full frame sensor? Can we really see megapixels? How do we know how many are really on the sensor? Perhaps we are being lied to across the board?

When companies claim things like "unprecedented" dynamic range, "15.3 stops", and so on, they are making very specific claims about the product they are selling, plain and simple. If you can't understand that, and why consumerism requires some level of trust in these claims without the scientific dissection of them, and why we have consumer protection laws to prevent this sort of thing, then simply carry on in your own bliss as it is well earned.

also, my analogy is spot on, you are expecting something that doesn't exist.

Your analogy is totally incorrect, and if you are simply trying to defend it as representative of your intellectual prowess, then, well, ouch. I would have tested your theory out among close friends or family before splaying it out in the world wide web. So here, let me break it down for you.

Your analogy: "that's like claiming to be devastated that the a7r is not medium format, lol."

Sony NEVER claimed the A7R is medium format. In fact, since the rumor stage of the camera, it was believed to be a full frame camera, with never a claim from Sony that it would be medium format. Therefore, there would never be any reasonable expectation that the A7R would be a medium format camera. This is in stark contrast to Sony claiming that the larger photo sites in the 12 megapixel A7S were capable of a number of great features, including unprecedented dynamic range to the tune of 15.3 stops.

Your analogy is utter trash. Thanks for playing.

Further, by stating here that I am "expecting something that does not exist", then you are also calling out Sony for claiming something that does not exist, advertising something that does not exist, and effectively selling a feature that does not exist, thus coming full circle and proving my point.

Again, thanks for playing, and have a nice day.

PS. I loved my A7 and A7R, and feel like the same will be the result of my A7S, especially in combination with the A7R. For the camera itself, thus far I have no complaint about it's performance, and in one day of use for work, it has already more than payed for itself.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

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