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Re: Moire anyone?

Tom Axford wrote:

The only moire I can see is due to the arrangement of the fence and has nothing to do with the camera - it would be visible with the naked eye and recorded by any camera.

Moire is not visible to the naked eye. If only it were!

Moire is a technical issue that goes back to the days of film and offset printing, when a pattern in the image conflicted with the dot screen (usually a fine screen). It has since been carried over to digital, where a pattern in the object being photographed clashes or conflicts with the resolution and other aspects of the sensor.

Yes, the arrangement of the fencing contributed to the moire in my photograph. But it was also caused by the fine lines of the metal wires that connect the fences. This isn't something that would be ... or could be ... recorded by "any" camera. I'm sure I could go back to the same scene and shoot it with my Canon 40D or other older body and not see moire this obvious in the image. My Canon 5D would probably capture it (as it did so many other times in so many instances), and I'm sure my Olympus E-5 would capture it. Don't know about my E-1, though.

You're more likely to see moire on patterns that are close to the resolution of the sensor (i.e. the pixel spacing in the sensor). Often it is visible on fabrics when the pattern made by the weave of the fabric just happens to be close to the pixel spacing on the sensor. The pattern itself may not be fully visible as it may be too small for the sensor to resolve. However, the moire bands may be visible even though the weave is not.

Exactly. That's why there's a moire pattern in my image (as well as jaggies!). The grain of the wood strips and the metal attaching the wood strips are very fine indeed. At that distance, neither the wood grain and metal were recored very well by the camera, but it was all very well translated into a moire pattern.

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