a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

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Re: a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

Jefenator wrote:

I don't usually follow high ISO technical debates very closely. All I know is, going from the NEX-7 to the now-lolwly A7, I felt a very distinct improvement. The sensor seems at least one stop cleaner and the improved EVF makes manual focusing much easier under difficult conditions. That's a pretty big deal right there and I already feel spoiled with what I got.

A7 NEX7 EOS-M ISO Comparison

I would consider the maximum usable ISO on the A7 to be 12800 (and that can be iffy - would rather stay lower if at all possible). Testimonials I've read thus far seem to suggest that the A7s should get you an additional two stops over that: ISO 51200 usable (YMMV). That, along with enhanced AF reliability in low light, could be a huge deal for those who spend most of their time using available light in crazy low quantities.

I could use all this on occasion, but most of the time, I like having the greater resolution, more fidelity at low ISOs (especially the dynamic range) and not least of all an extra $1000 with the plain old A7. I would love to try an A7s as a second body eventually (maybe swoop in on a closeout special).

FWIW Steve Huff seems to be really loving his A7s in all kinds of light. (He is notoriously bubbly about most new acquisitions but this one does seem like a real standout for him.)


The improvement from a NEX-7 is substantial, and especially if the majority of use is indoors with a relatively slow zoom lens, my typical situation. Seems like an a7S is an appropriate next step for me, but hate to "start over again" with new full frame lenses. My NEX-7 and 5 lenses have depreciated very quickly over a couple years of ownership.

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