The best FF camera for a Pentax shooter.......

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Chris Mak Senior Member • Posts: 2,022
The best FF camera for a Pentax shooter....... the FF camera that you can hold in your hands and take images with.

The second best FF camera for a Pentax shooter is the Pentax FF camera that is on the drawing boards.

I jumped in for a Sony A7r due to my intent to go FF this year combined with the deafening silence regarding a Pentax FF this year at Photokina. A 100-420 telelens, a K60 and possibly one more lens are rumored frequently enough to be credible, but the FF seems to become more and more unlikely for this year, and I just did not want to wait any longer due to my small lens collection, that was bought with the switch to FF in mind (apart from the Sigma 500/4.5, which is permanently glued to my K3 with a HD 1.4tc).

So just a picture of this new camera with the Zeiss ZK 35/2 mounted by means of a Cosina made voigtländer adapter in the same styling of the (also Cosina made) Zeiss ZK lenses.

A few first impressions (although strictly speaking this post should be on the Sony forum):

-Light but well made body, very light even compared to the apsc K3. Ergonomics got lost totally in a matchbox kind of minimalism.

-EVF: terrible (although not Sony's fault, all EVF's are terrible compared to a good OVF), though the EVF dóes enable very good metering with my MF lenses via an adapter that does not transmit any lens data. In fact: metering is much better than with the K3, because I can set the aperture with the ring on the lens and let the EVF compensate for the loss of light. This way the camera can simply meter according to the available light. With the K3 I can hardly see anything when I set the aperture with the lens ring to f8, so I have to use the A mode, with the camera stopping down at the shot, with as a frequent result under- and overexposed images. Shooting the A7r with the Zeiss lenses, operating the aperture ring and the MF ring is incredibly easy, because I also have "zebra" (indication of highlight blowing) and focus peaking, although just judging focus in the viewfinder works charmingly also.

-Shutter: hilarious. I don't know how to describe it, but how the Sony engineers could ever be in their right mind to implement this schleengg-schleenngg shutter in a 2014 camera is bewildering at least. Hopefully it means that is is rated at 500.000 shots!

-Why I spent 2000,-, a lot that is!, on this body that I described above: FF coverage with my 28/35/50 lenses and simply: phenomenal IQ. If Pentax does get their FF camera off off the eternally comfortable drawing boards: Pentax: get this Sony 36mp sensor, it is amazing.


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