Are you smarter than a 55-300? For this Bigmos, the answer is no.

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Re: Are you smarter than a 55-300? For this Bigmos, the answer is no.

audiobomber wrote:

jamesm007 wrote:

DXO shows the DA55-300mm matching any lens in the large middle area in sharpness/contrast at 300mm. Its best output is 300mm f/5.8. per DXO. I admit DXO is not perfect.

This is proof that DXOMark is not perfect. There was a thread on the DXO measurements at Pentax Forums. No one thinks the DA 300mm is sharpest at f/5.8, it is an absurd finding. So are the mediocre results they measured on the DA*300. Their tests agree with no other reviews I've ever seen, and certainly not with users, which proves their results are bunk. That is the problem with reviewing a single lens copy.

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I do remember some who said it was sharper in the center at 300mm. Test charts really can't show all. Here is one

"That's the best thing about this lens. Wide open it's very good, you don't need to stop it down all the time to get decent results. I haven't the time to do extensive tests but I was surprised that some pictures were sharper at f/5.6 than f/8 (on a K20D, so maybe diffraction came into play)."

Written by Manuh

I have always said and others that you don't need to stop down to get sharper results. It can be used wide open at f/5.8. Now did I know, do I know if that's the sharpest point at 300mm. I don't know I never tested for that because I believe most lens get sharper stopped down. Won't argue with that. But it is weird how it stays the same at f/5.8 versus f/8.

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