Breathing Color Canvas in an Epson 3880: Tick, Tick, Tick

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Re: Breathing Color Canvas in an Epson 3880: Tick, Tick, Tick

Inky22 wrote:

soloryb wrote:

I think you might have your printer settings wrong. This is what they should be on an Epson 3880 for BC Crystalline White Canvas:

Premium Photo Paper Glossy
Under Paper Configuration:
Paper thickness: 5 ( for .5mm)
Platen Gap: Wider
Make sure you get as much curl out of it as you can. A stiffer leader would help. Also remember that you must feed from the rearmost tray.

Just had another thought: If the canvas size is large enough to hang over the back support, push the printer so its rear is close to a wall. That way the canvas will be supported so that it doesn't bulge out in the middle as it's feeding.


Thanks once again. I had those settings wrong. I'll test this evening.



soloryb's advice is right on, but the ticking that you here is normal when printing large prints. It's the manifold tubing that feeds the print head hitting against itself as it doubles and un-doubles as it tracks with the head movement.


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