New X-T1 owner: settings questions

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New X-T1 owner: settings questions

I just purchased an X-T1 along the 14, 23 and 56 lenses. Absolutely fantastic IQ and combo! I really like the lenses and the general simplicity/simple approach of the camera.

Overall I'm happy with the camera, but there are a few downsides that I hope have to do with me not having configured my camera properly:

  1. I configured the EVF the way I like: horizon, 9x grid, etc. However, it doesn't seem to also apply to the LCD screen. Is there a way to display the same info on both the EVF and LCD? Or is there a way to at least have the horizon and 9x grid on the LCD? It's quite an annoyance when you want to compose using the LCD screen.
  2. I set my camera to produce no sound. In the EVF I constantly see an little icon showing the speaker is off. Can this useless icon be removed somehow?
  3. I'm not sure I understand the purpose of the AF-L button. What is it used for?
  4. What is the purpose of the back dial in shooting mode? It doesn't seem to be used for anything.

I'm perfectly aware there is no such thing as a perfect camera, but the X-T1 would be very close if Fuji were to address the first point above as well as the several points below:

  1. Let the front and back dials to be fully customizable (for instance to change aperture or ISO instead of being forced to use the top dials).
  2. Let all buttons to be customizable (movie button especially; what if someone doesn't care about video? I keep pressing this button by accident).
  3. Allow AF point to be moved using single presses (instead of having to press them twice when all buttons of the pads assigned to moving the AF point).
  4. Auto ISO: the minimum shutter speed is great when using prime lenses. However, when mounting a zoom it makes little sense: in this case it should be focal dependent. Allow users to bias the sensitivity in a similar way to what Nikon and Pentax do.
  5. Auto ISO: min. shutter speed should go all the way to 1/4000. It's just plain silly to cap it at 1/500!
  6. Face detection: when no face is detected the AF should behave as if it wasn't in face detection mode - this is how Olympus implements it and it works much better.
  7. Face detection: ability to choose which eye should be in focus (front/back).
  8. Face detection: when several faces are detected, let the user chose which one to focus on.
  9. Viewing photos: when a photo in portrait orientation is displayed, rotate it automatically if the user rotates the camera (i.e. same behavior as the EVF info).

All these things are fairly minor (except the auto ISO part).

I really enjoy the camera and can't wait to use it on my vacation in 10 days from now I'll definitely post some shots once back.

Thanks in advance for your input as far as my questions above.

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