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Old Listener wrote:

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

On Wednesday, warm and sunny, I happened upon two different Milkweed patches which were very aromatic and abuzz with bee, moth, dragonfly and butterfly activity.

So I had lots of fun sitting in the truck pointing the 100-300 mm lens:

Hard to imagine that this little patch of milkweeds would yield such a treasure!

I think that it was the combo of milkweed maturity, aroma, temperature and sunshine with contributed to this event. I will be keeping my eyes (and nose) open for other sites on the next hot sunny day!


Lots of great pictures. I always like pictures of the moth (?) that looks like a flying crayfish.

Thanks Bill!   I thought of you when I saw the milkweeds attracting such a menagerie of critters.  That moth is the Hummingbird Clearwing Moth .

I see similar behavior about flowers suddenly becoming the place to eat. I can't see the difference but insects sense when a flower or a group of flowers are at their peak for producing nectar and pollen. An example

bugs on grindelia flower. (Gumplant) The flower was about 1 - 1.5 inches across.

Wow!  I DID notice the VERY STRONG perfume of the milkweeds when I shot that bunch of images. It was hot and sunny.  Perhaps the aroma signals food/pollen which sets off some sort of crowd behaviour.  In the case of the milkweeds it involved a variety of critters.

Lots of good fun (getting interesting content      )


some of our photos

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