Are you smarter than a 55-300? For this Bigmos, the answer is no.

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Re: Are you smarter than a 55-300? For this Bigmos, the answer is no.

Based on those ISOs, I think the overall quality should definitely be much better.  My most recent Bigma was the 50-500 (Nikon version).  I had used the original 50-500 (Pentax version) on the K5.  In both cases, the detail those captured wasn't the issue at all.  Primarily the issue with my most recent 50-500 (Nikon version) is that its sweet spot is f/8, so a bit limited late in the day/early in the day. Also the zoom range is so big that the lens becomes very front heavy at 500mm.   Regardless - image quality was very good.

Though your Sigma isn't exactly the same as the 50-500, for future testing my suggestion would be to just leave it at f/8, and then adjust other settings to see if you're able to get good results at that f/stop.  If you're still struggling at f/8 to get good quality (especially at lower ISOs), I would suspect you've got a bad sample (or it needs to be re-calibrated).  If the frustration continues, and you have the appetite for the 50-500 - it may be worth the difference in $$ to make the switch.


paulkienitz wrote:

I think that heat may have been a factor. I was looking through some images taken a few days earlier in the same spot with the same conditions, and they also looked kind of smeary in crop. Despite the temperature being fairly moderate and the distance being sometimes reasonably short, like 50 feet. (Most shots were more like 100.)
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