The "Beer Garden" phenomenon

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The "Beer Garden" phenomenon

Hey all, just passing on some more stuff from Maro's blog.  I probably shouldn't fan the flames more, and I'm not really intending on any camera purchases anytime soon, but I'm just interested in this stuff.  Stuff meaning, exploring the new Quattro cam.

So I came across this thing on Maro's blog, that the Japanese Foveon community are calling the "beer garden phenomenon".  I have no idea why it's named this.  Actually, it was picked up by some other guy on a Japanese Foveon BSS and it kind of caught on from there.

This is not something I really would notice (at all) usually, but it's such a strange occurrence that I wanted to share with you all.

The basic gist of it is, it seems that in some situations, some details become blurred.  For example, in the pic below:

Entire sign is sharp, but the yellow string of text is blurred

So, here is a picture of a sign taken by the Quattro.  The top one has some NR (though I don't know how much) and the bottom one has NR 0.  This was done to see what effect NR has on this "beer garden phenomenon".  Basically, the entire sign is in focus, except for this yellow string of text at the bottom (the one with the 0120-77-8924 digits).

Here's another one taken from Maro's blog:

Sign is pretty much in focus, but the 45 is blurred

So what do you guys think?  Interesting, no?

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