Used 6D: what is a decent price and shutter count?

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Re: Used 6D: what is a decent price and shutter count?

gossamer88 wrote:

Jonathan Brady wrote:

They're sold out currently but will likely be restocked soon... You can get a refurb for $1291 plus tax from Canon which includes a good-as-new warranty for a year. So, same price (or less) than that CL offering but with a warranty. So, I expect used items to be cheaper than refurbs.

I have checked the refurb, but will keep checking for sure. Thanks. Funny that they have an option to send a notification on other cameras, but not the 6D.

Here's your workaround

Click on "notify" and you can set your price threshold (for new and/or refurbished) below which, you'll receive an email notification that the product is in stock.  I've never seen the 6D more than 20% off of the refurb price  so if you set it too low, you'll never get notified!  lol  The current refurb price is $1291.32 including a 15% discount so I'd recommend setting the 6D refurb notification at $1300 if you want a 15% discount or set it at $1220 if you want a 20% discount (price would be $1215.36).  Obviously the 15% discounts come around more frequently so if you set it at 20% it may be a while before you get that email.  My suggestion is to set it at $1300 and if you're ready to buy when you get the email, go for it regardless of whether it's 15 or 20%.  It's only a difference of $75 which, over the life of the product, isn't very much.

Good luck!

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