What one thing will motivate you to buy a new camera?

Started Jul 4, 2014 | Polls thread
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What one thing will motivate you to buy a new camera?

There are LOTS of reasons we buy new cameras, but since these polls only permit one answer, please select the single thing that will most motivate you to upgrade or to buy your next camera.

It might be interesting to see what the camera enthusiasts who use this website might want.

Naturally, if I haven't listed the thing you want next, then select "something else" and explain what you want in your reply.


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More resolution (more megapixels).
6.4% 8  votes
Better overall image quality than what you are using now.
20.0% 25  votes
Better low light/high ISO performance.
12.0% 15  votes
Better value for money spent. I want a real bargain.
3.2% 4  votes
Smaller and lighter. Easier to take with you. Perhaps even a pocket camera.
6.4% 8  votes
Better AF speed, tracking, and accuracy. Faster burst mode. A camera that would do an better job at sports and action photography.
14.4% 18  votes
Better build quality. Weather sealing. A camera that can take a beating.
4.0% 5  votes
Better controls and better ergonomics. My current cameras sucks in this regard.
1.6% 2  votes
4K video feature, or anything else strictly related to video performance and not to still photography.
1.6% 2  votes
Touch screen, WIFI or anything else that makes my camera more like a smartphone. Maybe... even text messaging ability!
0.8% 1  vote
Better brand reputation, more status, more prestige.
0.0% 0  votes
IBIS or OIS, GPS, built in flash or EVF, or some other feature I don't have now but that I want on my next camera.
2.4% 3  votes
More zoom range. The more the better. I need a 100X superzoom camera!
0.0% 0  votes
Something else you forgot to ask me about. (Please explain in reply)
27.2% 34  votes
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