a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

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Re: a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

andrewD2 wrote:

The A7R is reading better in THEIR DR tests because of the resolution.

Read the full set of tests at DxO.  Rather than viewing "scores," click on "measurements" and then "dynamic range."  Two plots are available there. The "print" one shows the dynamic range at each ISO when all images are first scaled to 8MP (the default graph). The "screen" one shows the dynamic range at the native pixel resolution -- not giving the A7R (or A7) an advantage, but essentially penalizing them for their higher resolution.

At marked ISO 100 (which is really a bit lower), the A7S has less dynamic range than the A7 or A7R even in the "screen" graph -- there, the A7 beats the A7R and both beat the A7S. However, the A7S dynamic range drops much slower as the ISO is increased, and at higher ISOs the A7S has a couple of Ev more DR.

I have no affiliation with DxO, but they have earned my respect and I have yet to find a case where they were simply wrong based on my own precision measurements. There are some things I like to measure that DxO doesn't (yet?), but unsupported claims that DxO is wrong really annoy me. I think DxO is providing a huge service to the community and should be applauded for making so much high-quality data freely available.

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