Are you smarter than a 55-300? For this Bigmos, the answer is no.

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Re: Focal length

Leandros S wrote:

Depending on which review you read, the lens is described as soft from 400 or 450mm. So both Paul's soft shots at 500mm and your sharp ones from 267-370mm are "within spec".

Take a look at DxOMark's resolution graph on this matter (mounted on K-3):

It drops to about 2-3 MPix effective resolution beyond 450mm...

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Good call, I was thinking about the increased resolution on the K3 as a factor adding to the lens learning curve.  That would explain, "kinda-sorta-maybe", than the drop in resolution beyond 450mm.

If you look back at the gallery I linked to, there are a number of deeply cropped shots at 500mm which are nice and sharp.  Remember too the 40D was only a 10MP body which might have yielded better results.  Thing is, it's hard to know until I shoot with a Bigmos on a K3 or even my K5...and actually I have thought about adding a new Bigmos after buying the lenses I need to add and replace this year but that is many-many-moons out.  

I think Ron is on to something a few posts down the line here about heat influencing the shot.  I've shot 1000s of shots with the Bigmos and really, it's far better than Paul's  shots show; in fact there really is no difference between the Bigma and Bigmos IQ wise no matter what test tables me over at POTN we had a thread around 500-1000 posts long debating the IQ of the Bigma, Bigmos and Canon 100-400L...all three were essentially the same in real world use.

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