The true benefit of DIGITAL photography

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The true benefit of DIGITAL photography

In the days of film, if your photo didn't come out as expected, your options were limited. But with the emergence of digital photography, the possibility to fix mistakes after the fact became a true game changer.

Just the other day I was practicing photographing birds in flight. I happened upon a particularly handsome pigeon, so took aim.

Sadly, when reviewing the images afterwards, I noticed I hadn't kept the bird in the center of the frame, and it had slightly been clipped off the side.

Now, just a few years ago the photo would have been junk. But a digital photo coupled with today's advanced image editing software is a whole other story.

With patience and attention to detail, a photo that would have been discarded becomes a true keeper that only an imaging expert would be able to tell had been altered!

I give you: Pigeon In Flight:

Can't spot the edit? Hint: it's on the left hand side!

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