Can't Sell My USA Bought Camera in the UK?

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OP isn't even the original owner...

NottsPhoto wrote:

edwardwallace wrote:

My wife and I have been living in the UK now for 9 months. Her job transferred her here on a 2 year secondment. I purchased my camera from KEH in the states back in March 2012.

If you import a bit of kit when you immigrate this comes in as personal chattels for VAT purposes... But if you then Sell it rapido like then VAT may be due upon it depending upon how long you have held it...

If you had purchased the gear in the UK then you would have paid VAT upon purchasing it... If I go to the states on holiday and buy some gear then I am liable for VAT and duty upon return...

The fact that it was bought from KEH probably means it was bought used, so the OP is not the original owner, certainly that should make a difference.

But of course this will still be a US import and not a EU bit of kit... Ie it will be considered a Grey import by a lot of retailers...

That should only matter if there's still warranty on it...if they bought it two years ago and it was already used, I doubt there's any manufacturer warranty left. Due to the age the manufacturer wouldn't do a repair under warranty whether it was bought from the UK or not, so why should that matter? In that case it's not "gray market" especially since they didn't bring it over to distribute it.

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