Anything new with Fuji raw converters? What's your favorite as of now?

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Re: Anything new with Fuji raw converters? What's your favorite as of now?

I use either Iridient Developer or LightZone. Out of the box, I prefer ID's interpretation of RAW files. However, for manipulating the image I absolutely LOVE LightZone. I've been playing around with LZ's RAW conversion to see if I can make it more pleasing to me. (The alternative is to get ID to make a load of TIFs from the RAWs and then play with the TIFs in LZ). ID you have to pay for, and IMO it is worth every penny that I paid. LZ is free and I strongly recommend checking it out. LZ's "workflow" for manipulating images is fantastic. Neither of these programs has any sort of database, so you would still need something else for that (I just store them in folders on the disk). I actually also have Capture One and the db on that one is great, but I can't really get on with the rest of it.

I've never used LightRoom and at around the time I was evaluating RAW converters, LR's RAW conversion was obviously still buggy and then Adobe started talking about their subscription model. Since I was not already committed to them, it was a no-brainer to look elsewhere.

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