Measured Rolling-Shutter Speed of Many Common Video Cameras...

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Measured Rolling-Shutter Speed of Many Common Video Cameras...

LingoDingo wrote:

Measuring Rolling Shutter: Put a Number on This Issue!

Interesting list, thanks for posting!

I've found rolling shutter on my GH3 videos to be less of an issue than I had feared.   I've recently been doing a number of train shots, and even with the train moving horizontally across the frame at a speed at which I though could cause trouble, it really wasn't noticeable.  Measurable, certainly, but not noticeable unless you're really looking for it.

So far the only place rolling shutter been an issue for me is when I have unintended rapid camera motion (and that's really my fault, not the camera's).   I stupidly bumped my tripod during one shot and I'm unable to fix it in post with simple software stabilization because the movement was so rapid that it caused a jello-like effect.  But even without the jello I would have had problems due to motion blur in the bumped frames.  So I'm either going to have to re-shoot (a big pain) or maybe I can get a little more creative...

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