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Re: This forum will be for "classic" DX cameas :-)

VadymA wrote:

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Nikon has clearly shown its customers that it doesn't care about wildlife photographers so there will be no D300 replacement. This forum will die a slow painful death.

The D300 (is) a really really good camera, it just doesn't have as much resolution as the newer ones, but it still is what it is. I don't own it, but my dad does and i personally like the color output of the D300. The skin tone output is also very very good and from what i see, it is still better than the newer cameras, IMHO. To me the newer nikon DX bodies have this ODD and weird looking plastic look.

I am not buying any existing camera from nikon (for portrait shooting.) To me the output of current nikon bodies is just nasty, for my taste.

I have similar feeling about modern Nikon cameras, I'm glad I'm not alone. Only for me it is not necessarily about the skin tones, but rather about "richness of color" as I would describe it. I remember a few years ago I was completely blown away by the quality of color in photos from D3 and D700 with D300 coming very close as well. There was something different, unreal, and "magical" in those colors that other cameras and brands didn't replicate so well. Every time I saw a photo with those colors I thought "This is probably D3 or D700" and in most cases I was right. But now when I look at photos from D800/D600 I don't see that; the photos look too ordinary, too real, too like everything else out there. Yes they are sharp, sometime freakishly sharp though, but the magic of colors is gone. Like everyone else I will have to upgrade to a higher resolution body but I will keep my D300 and maybe will get a D3 or D700 when they drop in price a bit more just for the sake of keeping memory of something that made me "fall in love" with Nikon in the first place.

Yeah I was partially kidding with the thread title although if no new D300 comes this forum could be amalgamated with the other DX forum.

My D300 is nice and I'll still use it for wildlife because of the buffer but I really notice the noise at (not even) high ISO, now after getting a D610 the other week.

Also, I was blown away by the purples on some flowers the other day with the D610. I thought there is no way the camera was going to replicate the vividness but it did. I remember taking something like this with my D40x and they all turned out totally blah.

This is basically OOC with Standard setting..

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