Nikon color and skin tones - 3 examples and poll (subjective)

Started Jul 3, 2014 | Polls thread
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Stacey_K wrote:

imac2001 wrote:

The sky is blown out, but it is also supposed to be. We are exposing for the person in the photo- not the afternoon bright sky. He is not overexposed.

Yeah he is, IMHO of course. There is hardly -any- color to his skin.

Not true at all. If you even take the time to look at the renderings with LR or CC (actual numbers)...plenty of color and only slightly clipped in the cheeks. You have a tendency to also over-saturate or clip reds in many of your own examples. Respectfully, starting to think you are working from a mismatched color space/monitor... as your opinion I think is a honest one. You might be simply seeing examples from a very different perspective.

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