FZ200 intelligent zoom

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Re: FZ200 intelligent zoom

MoreGooderPhotos wrote:

Most of my shots are of birds, since I'm an avid birder. I find that 16:9 ends up being cropped significantly in most shots since the bird is somewhere near the middle of the frame. I crop the image for framing and composition.

I find that using izoom really helps for birding.With, izoom, I can get as much of the animal in the frame as possible, and make sure the subject is in focus and not a branch or leaf in the foreground. I haven't tried ires yet, and don't see much point in it for birding frankly.

Oh, and let me just add this: Using my Nikon TC-E17ED 1.7X TC + izoom, max effective focal length is 600 *1.7* 4 = 4080mm. With image stabilization switched on I can focus on a bird hand held with pretty damn good results. It's simply amazing to me. If the bird is a spastic bird like a typical flycatcher it's usually not possible to get the shot. Lazy birds like Kingfishers and Herons, though, make great subjects for this mode.

If only the Nikon 1.7 TC wasn't so darn heavy.....

Thank you very much for this info re extending optical zoom. I also llike to photograph birds so will try out your suggestions

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