Loving the XT1, espcially the 56mm 1.2 lens

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Re: Loving the XT1, espcially the 56mm 1.2 lens


1.Try portrait format sometimes when it is more appropriate and portraits of people quite often better in portrait format.

2. Get in closer, most of your shots have too much background which adds little or nothing, the exception to this would be if the background tells you something about the picture e.g. where it was shot, who was there. When shooting at a famous location it is usually better for the background to give the viewer a clue as to where the shot was taken.

3. Look around the subject of the photograph and ensure that any potential distracting elements are not sticking out behind/ above the subject e.g. roses or palm trees. These problems can usually be sorted by moving a few feet or shooting higher or lower but you need to be aware that you need to look for this.

4. Try not to cut people off at the wrong point e.g missing arms/ legs/ feet/ tops of heads.

5. Try using wider apertures to blur the background somewhat, this will allow the subject to stand out more and not make the background as distracting but still does not rule out looking for background distractions.

I hope this helps. This list comes from the mistakes that I regularly make and all to often see others make too.


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