Compare photo of 16x20 using d3,s and d800?

Started Jul 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
calson Veteran Member • Posts: 9,253
Re: Compare photo of 16x20 using d3,s and d800?

Yes I have seen the difference but it is not as stark as I saw between the D3 and the D300 cameras. Where the difference is quite visible at normal print sizes is with the amount of tonal variation that is present. Think of the images you may have seen with early cameras like the Canon 5D that often generated images where people's skin looked "plasticky". What people were seeing was the lack of tonal nuances so the skin looked artificial. Noise reduction software also has this effect.

I can easily see the difference in people's skin and also with wildlife and landscapes where colors are merged and the tonality of the colors is reduced in complexity. I would not notice it in general but there are particular subjects or scenes where it is quite easily seen.

But if the question should be whether these differences would be visible in a 16x20 print to the average person at "normal viewing distances" I would say probably not. I would see them and it would bother me but that is a different question.

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