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Re: Lightroom workflow suggestions

bj klin wrote:

New to using Lr. Just bought a MBPR with a little HD. Since I don't want to store my photos on my laptop, I am not sure how to get my mojo going on the workflow. I purchased a WD Passport external HD that I want to use as a dedicated photo storage (as well as being stored in the cloud on Google Drive).Do I....

A. Copy from my memory card to my MBPR (into iphoto--maybe) then copy them from there onto the HD?Then do I delete the photos from iphoto to regain space?

B. Can I copy directly from my card to the external HD?

I really want to get it right from the get-go. Read horror stories about file locating nightmares.

Then I am guessing that I import them into Lr when my External HD is plugged in??

Sorry for the confusion--just can't get my head around the flow thing--any tried and true method- sharing would be much appreciated.Thanks~bj

Apart from the integration with Google Drive, things are very straightforward. Use LR to import from the card directly onto the external drive. Done.

The Google Drive integration is more difficult because, to my knowledge, Google Drive syncs only one folder, if that folder is on the external drive, you would not have access to any content stored in Google Drive without connecting the external drive (you'd still have access through the web interface but that makes things more complicated).

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