SEL2470Z - Accumulated reviews and comparison to SEL2870

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SEL2470Z - Accumulated reviews and comparison to SEL2870

For what it's worth -

I thought I would compile a list of reviews for the SEL2470Z. I happened to glance at the two reviews that had been written about the SEL2470Z here on DPReview and thought they were dismal and undeserving. Some like the lens and others hate it. I'm happy with the lens and think it provides good color and contrast as well as sharpness considering it is a kit zoom alternative and a compromise to prime lenses. Corners are softer than the center and midrange of the lens and it tends to be more noticeable at the short and long ends. I did say softer but believe the center is very sharp making it a bit more noticeable to some. It's sibling is the SEL1670Z. I have this lens as well and have been an advocate for it since it first shipped. It is very sharp wide open and made a big difference in my keeper rate on the NEX-5N and NEX-7. The SEL2470Z doesn't have as much of a wow factor for me on the A7R at F/4 but one stop down @f/5.6 through f/10, I think it is very good.

The lens is well made and balances nicely on the A7/A7R. There is no zoom creep and the lens is light weight, weather resistant and the housing is made of metal. OSS provides a 2-3 stop advantage and is well implemented just like other stabilized E-mount lenses. DXO gives it a 25 rating which is a little higher than similar lens peers from Canon and Nikon.

Many reviews concentrate on uncorrected images which I believe is a mistake on a zoom lens. A lens with this range is always going to have uncorrected distortion, vignetting, some CA and other issues compared to a prime. It is also comparably priced with other top tier zoom lenses. I have the SEL2870 as well and think that both of these lenses do a reasonable job but the 24-70 has a clear edge imho. These lenses are certainly not as sharp as the FE Zeiss primes and shouldn't be compared to them.

The 24-70 has the extra range and the color/contrast as well as bokeh are much improved over the 28-70 imho. Shooting the SEL2470Z at 70mm @f/4 on close shots provides very pleasant bokeh whereas I view the 28-70 bokeh to be too busy. The cost is significantly higher for the 24-70 at over twice the price but if you want the better image quality all around and can live with a zoom compared to carrying primes, you'll get the SEL2470Z. I gave this lens a 4.0 (would give 4.25 if I could) considering it is a zoom and a compromise lens to primes. If I were to rate the 28-70, I would give it a 3.5. The 28-70 is plastic and it seems to me that the 24-70 requires much less post processing to get the look I'm after compared to the 28-70. Besides price, the one advantage to the 28-70 is that it doesn't extend when zooming.

Here is a list of reviews I have compiled for the SEL2470Z, both good and bad.*-fe-24-70mm-f-4-za-oss-sel2470z-lens

Sample Images:

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