Nikon color and skin tones - 3 examples and poll (subjective)

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Re: Nikon color and skin tones - 3 examples and poll (subjective)


Photo 1 wins in a bit of a landslide.

The processing is from a vintage film preset from filmbot.  The film type is Fuji FP100C.  Actually, when I appy the preset to the photo the look is much stronger than what you see here.  I actually softened the tone curvey a bit and pulled all the H-S-L figures back towards zero by about 2/3.

Photo 2 is similar except the film look is kodak kodachrome 64.  Same as with the fuji, when the preset is applied to the raw the look is very strong, so I reduced both the tone curve and the HSL figures significantly.

Photo 3 is pretty close to what you'd get straight out of Lightroom with minimal processing.  For me Lightroom is set on Adobe standard.  I bumped the contrast up by +10.

Not sure too much what any of that means, just thought it'd be a fun experiment (I did it with a bunch of people at work and thought it was fun so why not do the same here- should've known I'd run into at least a few turds).

The base Nikon gives the most green and the most vibrant green.  I know it comes up all the time but I think Nikon is too strong in the greens.  The other concern that typically doesn't get talked about is the contrast given from the tone curve.  Nikon seems to lack contrast in the midtones which is where you want it in portraits (I think... so says a few posters I respect the opinion of).  If you just crank up the contrast with the Nikon base image you can get really nuked blacks.

Here's a couple quickies from DxO's film pack that I have a free trial of courtesy of dpr:

Fuji Astia 100F

Kodak Kodachrome 64

For those that played along - that's for your participation.

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