Photographers as environmental stewards?

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Photographers as environmental stewards?

I have always been impressed by the effects that news and other photographers have had on the course of human activity. Over the last couple of generations I've noticed the effects that photographers have had on the appreciation, care and respect for our natural environment.

A couple of days ago I noticed and photographed a Monarch Butterfly in a patch of milkweeds that is usually weedwhacked by a local Marina and sent this email to the owners.

Hi Karrie and Graham,
As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been stopping at the little side-hill across from the Marina to photograph spring flowers (pussytoes, early saxifrage, blue eyed grass, etc).

Now the milkweeds are starting to bloom and Monarch (and other) Butterflies are starting to frequent the area.

Here is a nice pictorial lifecycle of the Monarch:

Unfortunately the Monarch population has been in serious decline especially over the last few years.

Recently publicity has been give to various organizations asking the public to preserve current populations of milkweed and even to plant more.

It would be good for the Monarchs if you wouldn’t mow those milkweeds.

Attached is a sign that you might wish to print and put on that little side-hill. That way your clients will understand why you are not weed whacking it! Feel free to alter it as you see fit. I am also attaching a larger version of that photo in case the .pdf doesn’t work on your printer. If you want more pics of various butterflies frequenting the area just let me know and I’ll send them on to you.

Many thanks,

A possible label for a sign at the butterfly patch , which is very visible from the parking lot for marina users.

As luck would have it, another patch of milkweeds down the road a bit attracted several hummingbird clearwing moths yesterday which will add interested to the patch at the marina when it matures a bit more ... in a day or two.

Hummingbird clearwing moth extends proboscis to get nectar from the milkweed blossom.

I thought that I'd pass this on just to confirm the idea that photographers CAN provide a useful public service.


PS I later chatted with the father of the owners who said, "That's a great idea!" Yesterday some of the grass etc around the patch had been cut but the milkweeds remain, ready to bloom in the next day or so. I hope that they'll remain for the summer!

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