Thinking of making Switch to Nikon, need opinions

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Thinking of making Switch to Nikon, need opinions

Hi there,, I would appreciate some expert opinions from the photographers here.

My background,

1)I shoot canon 5d mk III and regret not making the switch years ago when the 800e came out.especially since  Now that the 810 is coming out, I am really really regretting it..While Nikon improves and updates their camera,,Canon sits around twiddle their thumbs and scratching their heads.  I am sure they will come out with a better camera than their Mk III but who knows when that will be,,probably next year, and what will be the cost, and what will be sensor size.

2) I print big and I see the limitations on my files when I'm at 32x48. I feel the image is just at the edge of being acceptable or not.

My questions,(obviously when compared to the d800 because the 810 is not out yet)

1) If you did switch,did you have a large learning curve? I know the ergonomics and layout are different. I leave for a trip on July 26th So i won't have a lot of time to use the camera before hand.

2)Do you see a difference in print resolution when printing large? How large can you print without having issues?

3)Can you set up the camera with two second timer and then bracketing 5-7 shots

4)Can you customize the camera and use a different button for focus?

5)Does the viewfinder have a grid split up into thirds? or do you have to purchase one?

And thanks in advance!!

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