Sony A7 dubious image quality - ISO800 Jpeg OOC

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Re: Sony A7 dubious image quality - ISO800 Jpeg OOC

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Hello everyone,
I am doing my research about A7 as I am planning to change systems completely, from Canon EOS 5dII to Sony A7. I am after a fast standard prime for starters, so thought why not go for a voigtlander 40/1.4 Nokton. I've read so much praising about the image quality and having seen the samples I believed it. Now, time came for me to test this myself... and here is the hiccup. Although the bokeh looked lovely etc. the crop image shows that the skin and details is lost and this is only ISO800 f/1.4. I try to avoid pixel-peeing but the image quality from a full-frame camera at ISO800 should definitely be better, shouldn't it? My 5dII beats the sony hands down here.
Or maybe i did something wrong? I also heard about the so-called posterisation effect of the images from Sony A7. What do you think guys?
thanks for all suggestions.
here are the images

Full image: f/1.4 ISO800

Default settings for jpg on the A7 are not very nice. It oversharpens / over corrects for noise. You can change the in-camera jpg settings and get some very nice results. But I think you should consider using raw. The A7 has great image quality.

It depends on your reason for making the switch - mine was about the weight and bulk savings.

Also check the FW update - version v1.02 does mitigate the problem somewhat.

But I don't think that this is JPG engine related - this seems to be lens/focus/lighting/framing/subject related, and the main issue being precise focus.

Also, with this CV lens, f/2.0 and higher show a lot more sharpness. You may just be searching for sharpness that is not there at f/1.4.

Either way, 40mm and f/1.4 is not a great combination for focus peaking (try 40mm and f/5.6). If using at wide open apertures, use zoom-assist to verify the focus and then shoot. Be aware that at this wide open setting, simple breathing can cause the focus to go in and out - so either control the camera (brace, tripod) or take multiple shots (and then find best one).

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