DSLR Recommendation?

Started Jul 3, 2014 | Questions thread
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DSLR Recommendation?

Hi, I'm new to this forum but have browsed a lot in the past when reading the wealth of information on here.

I currently have a bit of a problem that I'd really like some help with - I've got about £380 to spend on a DSLR body -and- lens together, preferably second-hand from eBay and I'm also preferably looking at Canon or Nikon. About 4 years ago I bought a Nikon D40 which I liked a lot but didn't like the small viewfinder, lack of self-cleaning sensor, low FPS for wildlife photography, inability to use old non AF-S lenses and the fact that it got pretty bad beyond ISO 400. I used it at the time with an 18-55 VR kit lens and 55-200 VR lens but eventually sold the lot as I needed money at the time.

About a month or two ago I bought another D40 due to liking the old one but it felt very dated by the standards today and other comparable cameras so I sold it after 2 days and bought a Nikon D3200 - I really hated the D3200. Although the screen was much sharper and clearer as well as image quality being excellent and sharp the camera itself just felt very small and plastic-y plus caused my hand to cramp using it. It's viewfinder was small and felt even worse for some reason than the D40 to me. The fact that all the beginner/tutorial features were constantly forced in my face using it bothered me too - I feel like although I'm no professional I also don't need to be taught about what aperture or shutter speeds are etc whilst browing menus.

So the D3200 was also quickly sold after about a week and I just went all out and bought a Nikon D7000. I loved the camera itself, the button placement, size, clarity of the viewfinder, fast FPS, dual card slots etc. I really couldn't fault it - it was just a nice camera to use.

Unfortunately the seller who sold me it lied about certain things - it was cosmetically damaged, a grey import with 90k odd shutter count and missing accessories and parts so I also returned that to them and now for about a month have had no camera.

I really don't know where to go from here - the only cameras I can find that seem to have the features I want are the Nikon D300 (too old by today's standards most people seem to say even though I think it looks good overall and I can get one for £275), the D300s (Far out of my budget by about £150 and not really any better than the D300), the Canon 7D which is nearly perfect overall but also far too expensive for me or a Canon 60D which just seems worse than the D7000 overall.

I've kind of been put off buying another D7000 as people say it has oil problems, back focusing issues and can overexpose in daylight - all of which the D7100 fixed but is another camera that;s too expensive for me to consider.

I've spent all day looking at Canon EOS cameras and am interested in the 550D,600D or even 650D but then I just get put off due to the lack of manual controls and small viewfinders etc.

The features I predominantly want the camera to have are -

Pentaprism viewfinder, 100% finder coverage, in Nikon's case a focus motor, weather sealing, 5fps or better, 9 or more cross type focus points.

I'm currently not locked into any system really as at the time of getting rid of the D7000 I only had a Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens which would be easy enough to sell if I needed to.

I can afford about £280-£300 for a secondhand Canon body and £80 for a prime lens or £380 for a Nikon body as I've already got my lens still.

Any suggestions?

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