Choice of lens, primary for nature and landscape

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Re: Choice of lens, primary for nature and landscape

Jeff4500 wrote:

I use the Nikon 12-24, you can find a very good used one on FM for about $500. With the 1.3 crop of the D7100 it can be a 48mm f/4 fov normal, and full frame you get 18mm fov WA . The thing about this lens is that it is the most flair resistant of the WA zooms and I've been using mine hard for 10 years without an issue. It's fairly light and makes a great "keep on the camera" lens. Mine is sharp at f4 from center to the corners.

How much does that version weight? The one I can find in shops is 1kg, which is a bit too heavy for backpacking, which I will mainly use it for. (a DSLR + Tripod + Lenses + 15-20kg backpack on 1-2 week long backpacking trips can get a bit much, so I try to avoid going over 750 grams for a lens.)

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