What is the sharpest M43 Olympus lens?

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Re: What is the sharpest M43 Olympus lens?

I think the Zuiko 60mm 2.8 macro is at or near the top of the table. While many have nominated the 75mm I'd say that faster lenses are harder to design so don't always achieve the best results, though the very narrow depth of field may give the impression of enhanced sharpness in the zone of correct focus. Also designers of macro lenses know they have to deliver a very flat field.

And in lens tests (excepting DXOMark, which incentivises light transmission) short to medium tele lenses generally deliver the highest performance. For instance in the four-thirds era, DPReview described the 50mm Zuiko macro as one of the sharpest lenses it had ever tested and implied that using it when reviewing 4/3 DSLRs flattered their performance, while in the film era, I remember the 105mm 2.8 micro-Nikkor being described as the sharpest lens ever tested by several magazines and websites.

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