Choice of lens, primary for nature and landscape

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Re: Choice of lens, primary for nature and landscape

I just bought the Nikon 10-24 which I received yesterday. The only other lens I seriously considered was the Tokina 11-16. The Tokina is sharp per the reviews, but it does falloff more at the edges then the Nikon. It also tends to have more CA. Ephotozine as well as other sites have reviews for both lenses. For the Tokina, some user reviews reported having to return lenses and getting another copy to get one that was sharp. I was also concerned whether I would be satisfied with the more limited focal range of the Tokina although the faster aperture could be a plus when used indoors.

The Nikon 10-24 is much more expensive but I tend to think about costs over the long term. The one thing I really hate to do is to go cheaper and wish down the road that I would have gotten the more expensive option. I doubt I will ever regret getting the Nikon. If your budget allows, I would recommend the Nikon 10-24 but if not, the Tokina seems to be a fine lens. JMO.

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