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I want to see the successor to Nikon's D300s as a response to Canon. BUT - if Canon has truly come up with something great in the 7DII's sensor, it could be an anticlimax for the Nikon folks.

Can't wait to see how this unfolds! And I hope a lot of the 'Why doesn't Canon just buy sensors from Sony' crowd gets to eat those words.

I don't see why this is so hard to understand. We all want to see Canon come up with a revolutionary new signal processing pipeline but it's been several years and several intro's of new cameras with no evidence of them doing so. The 70D dual pixel was ground breaking from the sensor standpoint but Canon has always made excellent (the best) silicon. It's their signal processing that's lagged behind and frankly, if they don't address it on the 7D replacement or whatever new higher end DSLR they intro this year it will not bode well for them with a group of photographers that have been shooting their system for years.

My hope is Canon comes through on this and the Exmor is relegated to second tier.

The sensor in the D810 seems to have been updated, with possibly higher full well capacity (indicated by the lower base ISO), which could mean even wider low ISO DR. That is not unexpected, what has been very unexpected is the way Canon has not been able to respond to now what, 7 years of Nikon/Sony dominance in sensor/adc technology. One would expect a see-saw pattern of technological innovation leapfrogging, but it hasn't been the case. Hopefully it happens now, it would be good for all photographers.

If Canon doesn't then they will lose a segment of pro's and enthusiasts to other brands but I realize it may not be important to them in the grand scheme.

It seems only enthusiasts really care about such issues, most pros are not into such technical issues (I said most, not all). That's why there has been so little movement now from on brand to the other, the differences are there, but probably 99% of the pros would not be able to really profit from the 1-2 base ISO stops of DR or the cleaner shadows. High ISOs now is about a wash, even though the new Sony 7s seems to have a distinct advantage at or above 25K (but how many people really need that?).


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