Sony Camcorder?

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Stephen McDonald
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Re: Sony Camcorder?

Joe23 wrote:

Sorry, not sure if there is a sony camcorder section but couldn't find one?

I'm just wondering if anyone knows about the extended battery one can buy

for most Sony camcorders: model number is: NP-FV120. It's the largest one with

a capacity of 4200-4500 mah. Does anyone know how many hours of recording

it can power the camcorder for? Can anyone suggest a lower end sony camcorder

that has night shot that would work with this battery?

I currently have the PJ760 (expensive end) with the NP-FV100 battery, but I'm

looking for a cheap camcorder to use as a spare to go along with even a bigger battery

the NP-FV120 to try and get the longest recording up time out of it.


Regarding a camcorder section on this forum, there is one about digital video. But it's not brand-specific. Considering how large and successful the DPR Forums have become, I think it would be a good idea to have a section for each major brand of camcorder. If such new forums were started here, I think they would fill-out quickly with participants. Almost all newer photo cameras have video capabilities, so it isn't a completely separate subject area.

The number of photo-purists who want no video to diminish their discussions, are not very numerous here and become fewer as time goes on. There is a gap in camcorder discussion forums that is not filled by the small existing ones nor by the largest one that is mostly frequented by professionals.

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