Does Panasonic know something all the other brands don't?

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Does Panasonic know something all the other brands don't?

I do a lot of perusing on DPR, just to stay informed. I don't usually post everywhere but i like to read, that's actually how i ended up finding MFT. We all know there's a lot of hype about the new A7s, and it will do a few things very well. One feature that, ironically, has been met with a lot of hype is silent shutter. I say ironic because people have been discussing this in MFT threads for a long time now (as well as many dismissing it as a gimmick), so im surprised how many people seem to know nothing about it.

Well, all is not happy in A7s land. It seems while Sony have implemented it, it will only record stills in 10 bit form (that's what i read anyway), and there seems to be some issue when pulling up exposure. How far one has to pull or when it first appears remains to be seen, but HERE is one thread talking about it. Even our own DPR staff seemed surprised and hinted at further testing. In case you don't feel like looking in, below is the shot. The OP took an underexposed shot, then pulled it up +7 stops in post.

I have never tested this on my GX7 but it had me wondering, does the E shutter i use for the vast majority of my shooting share this issue? So i tested it. I set my camera to a -5EV, took two raw shots, one shot with and without E shutter, then processed. The only PP i did was a +5EV in ACR (the max), then another +2 in PS CC. Im happy to say there is no difference i can see.

E shutter

M shutter

Perhaps it's something different with Sony sensors? (but i though the GH3 used a sony sensor?). Perhaps Panasonic just know how to do this well, a side effect of all their focus on video, which is obviously a non mechanical shutter endeavor. I thought i remember some talk about whether the GM1 had DR issues but im not sure. What i do know is the GX7 seems fine. Is this feature really that hard to implement correctly? Is that why so many brands refuse to add it?

One reason i chose Panasonic was for this, and while i really like the direction they are going with cameras, i would like to see it in every camera as more choice is always better. Do they really have the market cornered when it comes to proper E shutter?

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