Wide angle lens recommendation for Sony A7 for travel

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Re: I would not invest much before we see the FE 16-35/4 OSS

Dane01 wrote:

Hi All,

I already have the 24-70 FE lens and the 55. I was wondering what would be a good wide angle lens for landscape photography. Would I need an adaptor? Thinking 18mm or less? is that recommended?


The UWA situation for A7/A7R/A7S is a bit stale at the moment. I mean all the options out there have real drawbacks. 10-18/4 works from 14 mm, but the corners are not that impressive (one can take superb photos as we've seen) when compared to a good FF UWA lens. Samyang 14 is good, but distortion is on higher side and it is unnecessarily big as it contains glass that a short flange distance mirrorless system does not really need. Same comments about size goes for all adapted SLR UWAs. Most ZM Mount RF UWA lenses have color issues in corners; the Leica WATE is very very good, but it costs a fortune and still lacks exif and other benefits of native mount lenses like automatic wide open focusing despite chosen shooting aperture.

I'm hoping the FE 16-35/4 OSS will be all and a bit more of what the 10-18 is on the APS-C: compact, high quality lens with all the benefits of electronically coupled native mount lens with Zeiss color and microcontrast. I'm a techie so I really appreciate exif and automatic profile corrections.

Current situation is bothering me quite much; I have a very nice trip coming on late august to Alaska, Caifornia and Nevada (including Burning Man) and the only WA I have is the Alpha mount Sigma Superwide II 24/2.8. My FE gear/lens set is quite complete but just I have not managed solve the UWA puzzle. I'm checking the sonyalpharumors daily for any news on FE 16-35 availability, but it has been awfully silent since May

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