a7 + 55 f/1.8 vs 35 f/2.8 point-to-point AF accuracy?

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Re: a7 + 55 f/1.8 vs 35 f/2.8 point-to-point AF accuracy?

With such a complex camera with so many focus related settings, it is best not to rush to judgment. Yes, yes, it is like stopping a raging bull on the web. It is true nonetheless.

You can read up on optimising AF around the place. In half decent light, most issues are user-related.

Much of it comes down to matching the AF spot to desired subject size, and aiming for surrogates for problem targets...FWIW, I use centre spot small to medium size mostly or flex spot, and try holding the cameras very still. It's not luck, there is a bit to learn.

On waiting for the next model:

I've never agreed with this argument. I have thousands of images that could not be shot with a next gen A7 series camera. Anyone advising you to wait for the next release is suggesting you waste your present photographic opportunities.

Your 6400 noise problem scarcely exists. If you prefer to remove the film grain-like noise quality, take 2 seconds to move a slider, really, it's a photographic decision - noise is not something to be totally eradicated. Few images at this ISO won't benefit from a little judicious NR. Appealing noise gives the viewer's eye something to grab hold of. Like grain, it can be a gritty feature.

Of the 35 and 55 buy the one you think best for your work.

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