a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

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Re: a7S high ISO claim - - -over hyped or not ?

thanks for these comments, Rishi, esp:

'as we say in our conclusions of that article, the benefit of the A7S over, say, the A7R can only really be appreciated at very high ISOs. And more appreciated in the shadows of these high ISOs.

There's also a dynamic range benefit at higher ISOs. At base ISO, however, there's a dynamic range cost compared to the A7R.'

I had been wondering whether it was possible to quantify 'gains due to technology' as opposed to the 'big pixel effect' plus whatever else Sony is doing in the background; you will understand the topic is best expressed to photographers using different terminology.

And, in view of your comments quoted above, are we seeing a hiatus in sensor improvement - what we have is good enough? Printers report up to 40 inch a7r prints being very close to the smaller MFD units. Sony will soon be providing cost-effective medium format sensors, perhaps they wish more market separation between 'full frame' and the 44x33mm units?

The a7r unit handles almost everything with aplomb, regarding DR certainly - I doubt many need more at base ISO, in RAW anyway. At this level it is a joy to use. Sure a silent shutter would be nice but not at the cost of all that resolution.

Put another way, the a7r appears to be better at high ISO for a given output final file size - than the a7s is likely to be at base ISO compared with an a7r. This is the reverse of MR's point, it will be interesting to get past the brick walls in darkened rooms stage..

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