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Where did you get that idea from

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Dear All,

i'm a Nikon shooter (D600) and although i'm happy with the image quality of the D600, i am really attracted to the small bodies of Sony A7 series (particularly the A7 and new A7s). I consider shifting to Sony, but of course the "issue" is lenses.

I understand it is possible to use my Nikon lenses on a A7, with an adaptor. Does anyone here have experience using Nikon lenses on A7 ? How is the image quality ?

I own a 24-120 f4 and a 50mm f1.8 G.

Thanks !

Only 4 weeks or so with the A7R, but I use all my MF Nikon/Nikon-mount lenses with it.

The A7R saves about 1 lb of weight over my D800 and is much smaller. It's no D800 replacement for sure, but it's waaaay easier to manually focus with when using focus peaking and the in the viewfinder image magnification. I just wish it had IBIS!

I don't think the OP mentioned the d800, which is an entirely different class of camera compared to the d600.

d600 vs sony a7r, in terms of size is not that big of a change. it is a huge change in AF speed and overall handling. let's also be honest about singing praises of focus peaking. Its more of a necessity rather than a perk or feature due to a woeful lack of native lens choice. yes MF is critical in niche photography like macro and landscape, but for mainstream applications, you want AF from native glass. in fact I consider AF speed and accuracy to be the primary feature of any camera.

i was around when Minolta first commercialized AF, back then people were tripping over themselves and selling everything just to pick up a new body and 1 or 2 slow AF zooms. everyone hated MF, and we were very good at it and we also had viewfinders built for MF. right now I understand the surge in MF for mirrorless, but it's a reaction to a bad situation, and not some MF zen awakening.

Oh us poor MF shooters.

Ever thought that maybe its a choice and that the NEX was bought to use MF with. Same as any system, if there are not lenses in that system to suit you, why would people buy into it in the first place. Are you saying that we made massive mistakes and bought into the wrong system ......... or did we Do you really think we are that stupid, LOL. I have no idea where you get those ideas from.

I can assure you I was not tripping over anyone to go AF, in fact I doubt I ever will.


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