Lightroom still blows...

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Lightroom still blows...

Seriously. Version 5.5 and still designed by a bunch of idiots.

I'm really not happy about losing Aperture.

So far: the Help is useless. Actually quite awful compared to normal Adobe Help.

Only five labels? I was using seven and wanted more! And they still store the text string instead of the damned color. How about supporting Apples Finder labels/tags? And why is there a Custom label choice in the filter but you can't actually set it, and it's not documented?

Speaking of filtering...LAME. Aperture has an elegant, powerful filter UI. Lightroom? Piece of crap.

How about a full screen mode that's actually, you know, FULL SCREEN? And while we are at it, zoom adjustments by 1% would be nice.

How about some better import options? Let me organize my imports the way I want and actually name things how I want? Like, you know, finished files in one group and RAW in another? Where they are on disk isn't important, I'm using the damned DAM to find them!

And let me filter my imports, you know, so I can import JPEGs but not PSD files?

Oh and LR still can't even import layered PSD files without maximize compatibility. Lovely. The same ones that Bridge displays, and Aperture at least imports.

Can we adjust the UI too? All that black is depressing.

And yeah there is more. I can't believe that people actually pay for that crap. Maybe I'm spoiled, but damn Adobe needs to make a ton of improvements. Right now it's a big steaming pile of quality, if you know what I mean.


Tomorrow I'll tell you how I really feel.

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