Compare photo of 16x20 using d3,s and d800?

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anotherMike Veteran Member • Posts: 9,159
Re: Compare photo of 16x20 using d3,s and d800?

You'd lose the bet. Back when I owned the D700 (I shoot a D800E and D610 now), I did exactly such a test, at 13x19, 16x20 and 17x22. Assuming the subject has intricate detail (I mean, if you do some sunset over the ocean with a rock in it, there really isn't any fine detail that would make a difference), such as a reasonably typical landscape with flowers, grass, etc in the foreground, or a fashion shot with well lit hair and texture, most people will see the difference (even non photographers) at normal viewing distances for each of those print sizes. At 16x20 it's more than subtle.

Now, do the same thing between the D610 and D800E, and it gets more interesting, and the differences are much tighter. For most common print sizes we live in happy times now that we're a long way from the 12mp days of yore. And I expect when the rumored 54 etc MP bodies come out, we'll be splitting hairs trying to tell the difference between them and the 36mp bodies today.


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