A7R Travel Lens Recommendations?

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Re: A7R Travel Lens Recommendations?

Here's what I've tried.

  1. The Minolta 24-85mm. This has a good reputation, and I only got to borrow it for a short time indoors under less than ideal lighting. My feeling was that it wasn't good enough for the A7r at the wide end, even at f/8. I need to look into this lens again, as it's small, covers a great range of focal lengths, and can be had very cheaply.
  2. The old manual focus Minolta 35-70mm f/3.5. This one is a legend, and Leica apparently used the design. My copy renders beautifully, but doesn't do well in the borders and corners even stopped down. I suspect I don't have a good copy of this lens.

Currently I am not using a zoom at all for travel, but 2 primes and the LA-EA4. The LA-EA4 acts as a dust protector, and I'm happier changing A-mount lenses outside than E-mounts.

I'm using the Sigma Super-wide II 24mm and Minolta 50mm macro, and I use the A7r's APS-C crop function to double the number of focal lengths. So these two lenses give me 24, 35, 50, 75mm equivalent focal lengths, 36Mpixels at 24 and 50; 15.5Mpixels at 35 and 75mm. Close focusing is possible at all focal lengths. They cost me about $110 for the pair, and I reckon make a good substitute for a high-end zoom.

The 50mm macro is a super sharp lens, and can be used without worries. The Sigma Super-wide II needs to be shot at f/11 in order to be sharp enough in the corners on full frame. On an APS-C crop, it's very decent over the frame at all apertures.

How about getting a 50mm Minolta prime (macro, f/1.4 or f/1.7), and using it together with your 20mm, in a similar way? Or you could just use the 3 lenses you've got. These will nicely cover the travel zoom range, although I guess convenience matters when travelling.

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