Choice of lens, primary for nature and landscape

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Re: Choice of lens, primary for nature and landscape

nkistrup wrote:

folastuen wrote:

Hi. I need some advice from you, spent an hour at my favorite photo gear shop today, trying to decide what lens to go for, but couldn't agree with myself neither the guy trying to help me out..

I'm looking for a lens for my D7100, to use for primary landscape and nature photograpy. Will be doing some timelapse-shooting as well as normal photograpy, and I have been looking at the Sigma 8-16 F4.5-5.6 and read some good reviews on it. Today I also was presented the 18-35mm F1.8, which was a better choice, according to the guy at the shop. I have an 35mm F1.4, and 85mm F1.4 and a 70-200 F2.8 already, so I'm looking for some wide angle lens that can cover the lower zoom use.

What lens would you go for? Any other suggestions in the same price range?

Rent your intended lens(es) to be sure I have the right one for your purposes. Rented the 11-16 two weeks ago, and found the narrowness (compared to the 8-16) & flare frustrating. These issues may not be a problem for you ... another reason to rent. Also wasn't thrilled about AF doing so much hunting.

Shot mostly in M mode, between f8 & f11, with a few shot at large apertures, PP with DXO Optics. Nice things about this is its sharpness & ability to take filters. Was told that such wide lenses don't do well with the circular polarizer, but didn't see it ... probably not looking hard enough for issues.

Rented the Sigma 8-16 around Christmas time, and doing it again for the next 4 days. Last time, found many of the images soft on the D7100. Giving it another chance because I love the 8 -> 10mm focal range.

If you like primes, consider the Samyang 10mm f2.8. It's new so try-before-you-buy could be a problem, and the Lenstip review wasn't kind to it. But in everyday use, it might work.

Minimum: Rent the 8-16, because it will give you a feel for UWA focal lengths. Every mm makes a significant difference. Using both the Sigma & Tokina lenses, noticed FL # were to the next half, vs. full mm.

Good luck!

I didn't find flare to be bad on my copy... I have the original, but the new PRO DX II is supposed to have an even better flare coating. I would certainly try it out.

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